Hi, I'm Hernán Perdomo, and welcome to my portfolio

I’m a graphic designer with a focus on Digital Marketing projects. Thanks to this combination I’m able to create value by optimizing the design process and always keeping in mind the project goals.

Design is one of my passions which I discovered at the age of 15. By the time I joined the labor market I was already well versed in some of the most common graphic tools like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Muse, among others. Now I’m able to create concepts, work with large projects and help my customers create a marketing strategy to achieve their goals.

Creative: Not only in my artwork but also in how I think and how I approach problems. Thinking out of the box helps me better understand what my customers need.

Strategic thinker: One thing is to do artwork for a campaign, another thing is to it to create long term value for a customer. 

Integral: As a famous businessman once said: “Do the right thing, win the right way”. It is important for me to do things in an ethical manner, respecting all players and team members in the process.
If you like my work and you would like to contact me, please go to the Contact section.
Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

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